Beijing claims to have acted “in accordance with the law”

China confirmed Friday evening that the interception of a device in the u.s. military by two fighter jets chinese, but ensured that it was conducted “in accordance with the law”, denying that his hunters may have acted in a manner “non-professional” as stated by the Pentagon.

“The remarks pertaining to the american side does not correspond to the facts,” said the chinese ministry of Defence in a statement posted Friday night on its website.

“The 17 may, a reconnaissance aircraft american was performing a transaction at the top of the Yellow sea in china (the northern part of the east China sea), and air china has acted to identify and investigate in accordance with the law”, according to the press release, which describes this action of “professional” and “safe”.

China requests the United States to stop this type of exercises of recognition in order to prevent further incidents, believing according to the press release that “the frequent reconnaissance operations of the us army are the main reason for security problems between China and the air force, and marine in the u.s.”.

Routine Mission

Confirming information of the american media, the Pentagon said Friday that a WC-135 “Constant Phoenix” (“air sniffer” designed to detect any sign of nuclear activity) was conducting a “routine mission in international airspace above the east China sea” when he was intercepted by two fighter aircraft chinese SU-30.

According to the Pentagon, the maneuver china has been deemed “non-professional” by the crew of the WC-135 which was in agreement with international law.

The publication of the communiqué, the chinese comes as the State councillor, Yang Jiechi, the real boss of china’s public diplomacy, spoke about preparations for the first session of the dialogue, the sino-american diplomacy, and security in a telephone conversation Saturday with u.s. secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The chinese ministry of foreign Affairs noted in a press release that MESSRS. Yang and Tillerson “have conducted an exchange of views (…) on issues of common interest such as the Korean peninsula”, without specifying if the aerial incident has been addressed.

Incidents in air of this type occur regularly above the China sea, where Beijing is trying to establish territorial claims disputed by its neighbors and the United States. (afp/nxp)

Created: 20.05.2017, 09.35 am

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