Corentin de Koh-Lanta 2017 on Kelly ” it is the one with which I got along the least well -“

Corentin de Koh-Lanta 2017 on Kelly “it is the one with which I got along the least well” 20/05/2017 at 8:25

Hunger has been the most difficult to manage for Corentin, who was eliminated from the adventure of Koh-Lanta, after having formed a duo with Kelly.

“This buddy with Kelly arrived at the wrong time. It didn’t work because we didn’t hit it off beautifully… It was really the worst draw I could have, ” says the estate agent in the Gers in an interview to Gala, where he looks back on his adventure.

And to speak of its intricate connections with Kelly.

“At the time of the reunification, I had not heard much positive about it, so obviously it was not easy. Among the girls who were left at this level of the game, it is that with which I got along the least well.

But I have not really created to bond with Clem for example, he says. However, I stayed close to a lot of boys from the adventure : Vincent and Fred in particular, but also Sandro and Bastien “.
Corentin explains that the more difficult to manage, it is hunger.

“I had a lot of trouble with hunger… The other difficult time for me, it was the defeat of the yellow team, which has played to nothing. We really had a low morale with Sandro, Vincent, Felicie… Because it was a defeat rageante, ” he said. And after we said they we stayed for a few days in the adventure, that we would eliminate very quickly. Finally we managed to take “.

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