Hassan Rohani elected for a second term

President Hassan Rohani, who is running for a second term, is assured of winning the presidential election that took place on Friday in Iran. “It is finished. Mr. Rohani is the winner,” said an authorized source of iranian, based on a count informal.

The outgoing president had harvested 21.6 million votes, 14 million to its main rival, the conservative Ebrahim Raisi, about 37 million ballots counted.
Hassan Rohani would have largely exceeded the threshold of 50% of the votes cast required to be elected in the first round. More than 40 million voters in total were cast, and the counting continues.

After several delays to allow for the many people in the queue to be able to slip their ballot into the ballot box, the polls were finally closed at midnight. The final results are expected in the 24 hours following the close of the polls.

The strong turnout could be a good omen for the incumbent president, whose supporters have often said that their main concern was the wait-and-see voters, reformists disillusioned by the slowness of change.

“Crimes” denounced

The result of the presidential election could determine whether the return of Tehran in the concert of nations to the favour of the agreement on the nuclear in July 2015 is likely to accelerate, or if, on the contrary, it will come to a halt with the arrival of a conservative to the head of the country.

Hassan Rohani, a religious moderate and pragmatic of 68 years, brig a final term of four years. He faced Ebrahim Raissi, a religious ultraconservateur 56-year-old close to the supreme guide, ayatollah Ali Khamenei. His name is mentioned as a possible successor to Mr. Khamenei, who will turn 78 in July.

Even before the end of the voting, the camp Raissi has denounced “crimes” and requested an immediate response against the “propaganda actions of some officials and supporters of the government” in favour of the outgoing president.

The election campaign had been marked by the violence of the exchanges between the two candidates. They had accused each other of corruption and brutality during their televised debates. (tty/nxp)

Created: 20.05.2017, 06h20

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