Instant Apps : launch applications instantly from the internet

It is now possible to publish to Instant Apps on the Google Play Store. But what is it ?

On the Google Play, you can freely download native applications (in Kotlin, for example) or hybrid. Whatever the case, it is mandatory to install these applications on the terminal. In parallel, Google has presented in the past year, an innovative new feature : the Instant Apps. Specifically, there is the possibility to launch an application without having to install it.

Applications on the fly

For access to these famous Instant Apps, it must pass through the search application Google. The parallel could be done with a website : you have access to an address, but at no point is the site in question is not installed on your phone.

Let’s take a concrete example : you want to read article at FrAndroid you have preview in the search results. Instantly the application FrAndroid opens on the article in question. In this way, it is no longer mandatory to go through the Google Play Store to use an Android application.

Be careful however not to confuse classic application and Instant App. The principle of the Moment Apps is to respond to a URL, as today Internet sites. Therefore, when you start an Instant App, you have access to only a portion of the application (or module).


It is for this reason that the two types of applications are required to coexist. Also use a Time App not prevent to install the application classic. Limitations apply, however : the Moment Apps can’t run in the background, and send notifications without the app being displayed.

This feature had been presented at the Google I/O in 2016 , and it was only several months after that some applications selected were deployed. Now all the developers can publish on Google Play the famous Instant Apps, on the condition that it is not a game.

In the coming weeks, you should see some results in the Google search with the label ” Instant “, thereby designating this new type of experience.

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