Iran : president Rohani'trumps the conservative Raisi

According to the partial results, and after a mobilisation record, the iranian president outgoing Hassan Rohani would be going on Saturday to be widely re-elected in the first round of the presidential election of Friday, totalling approximately 56% of the vote in the face of his opponent, conservative Ebrahim Raisi. If it were to be confirmed, a wide victory in the 1st round should allow the religious moderate is to continue its policy of opening to the world initiated by the agreement of nuclear history with the great powers, which was concluded in July 2015 during his first term.

“On 25.9 million ballots counted, Rohani gets 14.6 million and Raisi 10.1 million,” said vice-Interior minister, Ali Asghar Ahmadi live on State-run television Irib. He stated that there had been “more than 40 million voters” on 56.4 million registered voters. This means that according to these partial results, Hassan Rohani has won about 56 % of the vote and Ebrahim Raisi 39 % of the vote. The ministry of the Interior must announce gradually the results that arrive from the different provinces before those in the large cities, including Tehran.

A solid vote

In a first reaction, and even before the announcement of these partial results, leaders, conservatives have recognized the victory of Hassan Rohani. “The first counts show that Mr. Rohani is the winner […] and it is necessary to congratulate him,” wrote on the social network Telegram Alireza Zakani, a former conservative mp who had actively participated in the campaign against the re-election of Hassan Rohani.

The first vice-president of Rohani, the reformist Es-Hagh Jahanguiri, who had withdrawn from the presidential race by calling for a vote Rohani, welcomed on Twitter of ” the great victory of the nation of iran “. On Friday, journalists from theAgence France-Presse have found a solid vote and enthusiastic voters in Tehran and in the provinces. In the Face of this strong turnout, the voting has been extended for six hours and ended at midnight, local time. Even after 18 hours of voting in a row, voters waited for their turn to vote and some were not able to do so.

Nuclear deal

Hassan Rohani, 68 years of age, sought his last term of four years and faced Ebrahim Raisi, a religious conservative, 56-year-old close to the supreme guide, ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Elected in 2013, he has spent most of his first term, negotiating an agreement of nuclear history with six major powers, including the United States, an enemy of Iran since the islamic revolution of 1979.

In exchange for a partial lifting of international sanctions that bumped Iran for nearly ten years, Tehran has committed itself to limiting its nuclear program is for strictly civilian. This agreement has not attracted the foreign investment that can be expected and has not had a direct impact on the daily lives of Iranians who still remain hard hit by unemployment : 12.5% of the population, 27 % of young people.

Opening international

But it has, however, allowed Iran to start his return on the international scene, a policy of openness that intends to pursue Hassan Rohani during his second-term if his victory in the first round is confirmed. A high percentage would give him the cubits more straightforward, and could even allow him to extend this openness to the iranian society where the rights violations remain numerous. The president in Iran, however, is not the only one to take decisions in this area. They must also receive the approval of the supreme guide Ali Khamenei, the powerful judiciary and sometimes revolutionary Guards, the elite force of Iran.

The election was held two days after the us decision to renew the easing of sanctions against Iran, according to the nuclear deal in 2015. But the mistrust between Tehran and Washington continues and the us administration has with this measure of new targeted sanctions related to the ballistic missile program of Iran. The american president Donald Trump, hostile to Iran, also booked his first trip abroad to a summit with muslim leaders predicted Sunday in saudi Arabia, the great rival regional of Tehran.

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