Kelly (Koh-Lanta 2017) ” The people are hard with Clementine “

Kelly (Koh-Lanta 2017) “The people are hard with Clementine” 20/05/2017 at 7:31

The criticism Clementine of Koh-Lanta is a victim on social networks, Kelly the regrets and believes that people are hard on Clementine, with whom she has kept in touch.

“We’ll see you often with Clementine and Mathilde. From the beginning of the adventure, we’ve traveled together. As soon as the first flight. We have got acquainted, it has been separated with Clementine, she says during an interview with Tele-Leisure. Has the reunification, we found all three, therefore, we have tightened the links. It looks the same. We have the same taste in music, the same way of thinking, the same delusions “.

“It often happens that I hear very well with big character. If I hadn’t done this adventure and that I had watched on tv, I wouldn’t necessarily like this person, ” she said then. Having flanked very closely, I find that people are hard with it. People talk a lot but they have not lived what we have lived. The comments are not tender with it “.

“Physically, I’m imposing a bit, I have a closed face, salient, I’m very masculine in my behavior so I knew that it was going to cost me of the criticism, stated Kelly, who after his return embarked in a career of an actress. The people are “attached” to me because they saw that I wasn’t a big mouth who opened his mouth for nothing “.

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