OPINION – The season of the OM is a successful

The sale of the club to Frank McCourt alone for that 2016-2017 would be positive. The european qualification is the icing on the cake.

Whiners can well explain to us that there was a potential to do better, especially after the mercato of winter and the arrival of Dimitri Payet, Morgan Sanson, Patrice Evra and Grégory Sertic who have made a great addition to the staff of the OM. Sixth to the truce, the training led since October by Rudi Garcia will probably finish one rank above, in the fifth position if it wins its last match against Bastia at the stade Velodrome. In the second part of the season, in spite of these reinforcements, the OM has been able to fill its gap of seven points to Lyon to hang on to fourth place.

French vs foreigners : and if the Ligue 1 is put in mode All-Star game ?

Finally, in my opinion, this does not change large thing. The OM will be european even if he has to go through a qualifying round before they are able to compete in the group stage. Sportingly, it is a success. Because many were those who predicted hell this season. During the off-season previous, the mercato was fear, uncertainty reigned and we imagined even theOM play for its survival in Ligue 1. It was blacken a little on the table because this group, which was then coached by Frank Passi, had a minimum of quality. We saw that the recruits summer at the image of Hiroki Sakai and William Winner held the road.

But if the season 2016-2017 is a success it is mainly due to the change of era that has been lived. After a few days only, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus has sold the club to Frank McCourt. At the heart of the fall, as all had made a cross on this exercise, the american billionaire, has taken power and as if by magic, the ambitions of the more depressed, have reemerged.

However, this season it remains a year of transition. It was not necessary to see earlier. And even if the appetite comes eating, it was vital to keep a cool head and not fall into the trap of a single defeat or even a series of negative results. The project McCourt worn by Jacques-Henri Eyraud, Andoni Zubizarreta and Rudi Garcia was still in its infancy. The four men laid the foundations during the last months. They are always in the process of installation.

It is today that the party begins. It is now that it will have to be judged and, without doubt, draw the first conclusions. Before it was useless and unproductive. On the ground, Garcia has raised his paw, gave a guideline. He’ll have to impose on the length and the shape at the option of the arrivals, that we imagine spectacular. But the coach has already launched a few messages, such as his preference for the 4-3-3, the rise in power of Florian Thauvin and the revelation of Maxime Lopez.

And if the teams of League 1 and had kept their best players since 2010 ?

Behind the scenes, the mercato promises to be lively. After the winter one, which has been the subject of some tensions because Sertic and Evra for different reasons have not entirely given satisfaction, the summer street market will respond to queries on the financial surface, former olympian and the strategy. Put the money is one thing, clearly indicate a policy is another. It is in the light of these two aspects that one considers the new OM. But the basics are laid. And this is indeed the chapter in the end that the will permit.

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