Opportunities : this site guarantees the sale of your car in a month

You want to sell your car but you don’t have the fibre trade, while the phobia of administrative is not foreign to you. Height of all, you don’t have in your address book the professional’s corner which is also the boyfriend with which it is arranged. Your cause is lost ? A website ensures you that it is not. He even takes the risk of guaranteeing the transaction to be sought in a month. In certain conditions all the same…

Selling a used car, and the internet are a duo from hell. An idea that has decided to exploit a start-up called Today Because with a original service : promise the sale of a car between private individuals, under 30 days with a guaranteed price. How does it work ? He must first live in theIle-de-France. He must also submit an outstanding car for less than six years. And the offer of between 10 000 and 26 000 euros.

These criteria assured, there is more than to use your phone. And we assure you that you’ll get the same contact. The site claiming the two employees, odds are that the couple must not lie idle. There is a form to fill out online and Today, Because you are contacted for the estimate of the price. That would fall right in 95 % of cases.

But this is not all : an expert then moves to check on the status of the car. Similarly, for each transaction, a bank account is created to which the client has access to. Once the sale agreement is validated, it can check the sum of money funded. After the removal of the vehicle, the money in the account is unlocked.

The net price for a limited period, to fulfill this roadmap, the site is not the only one. It has partners. The start-up company owned 50 % by the subsidiary West-France. The company’s expertise Experveo and the conveyor Driiveme is part of the adventure. And the whole thing works since as early as January 2017.

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