Pippa Middleton “close to anorexia” at risk of collapse during his wedding (photo)

Pippa Middleton “close to anorexia” at risk of collapse during his wedding (photo) 20/05/2017 at 10:15

Today, 20 march, Pippa Middleton, will unite her destiny to that of James Matthews, a wealthy businessman.

To be in top shape for her wedding ceremony, the younger sister of Middleton was sentenced to a draconian regime, recalled the magazine Public. It may even collapse on the day of her wedding.

It is specified in a first time that the sister of the duchess of Cambridge enjoys daily sessions of pilate.

And in parallel, the one which appeared in recent times more filiform than ever to follow a diet consisting of only consuming micronutrients from organic plants.

Called ” Sirtfood “, this plan could eventually cause serious problems.
The concern with this type of plan is binding, it is that nutritional deficiencies are to be expected, as explained in the dietician Brigitte Zeitlin.

“It is dangerous to consume less than 1200 calories per day. You do have more energy and the weight that you have managed to lose will be regained once the diet is finished. You will gain even more weight than before you started your diet, ” she says.

The best way would be rather to continue the workout, while doing the dead end on the starchy foods, and focus on proteins, vegetables and fruit.
According to Star, this time, the young woman is close to anorexia. The risk is that it “collapses” on the day of her wedding.

The wedding ceremony will take place in the small church of St. Mark, Englefield, in Berkshire, a region in the west of London, from where are from parents of the sisters Middleton.

This place is located a few kilometres from the family home, where will the rest of the ceremony. “Pippa is a girl who is traditional and she wanted to get married at home,” said someone close to the bride in the magazine The Sun.

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