Qobuz Sublime+ : the subscription streaming Hi-Res is available

Qobuz is launching an offer Sublime+ of streaming in Hi-Res, and announcement of new mobile applications building on its editorial content.

Update of may 19, 2017 : The subscription Sublime+ can now be subscribed to.

Original Article (10/04/2017) :

“Qobuz is back! “ (” Qobuz is back ! “) This is the name misleading the press conference that was held on Qobuz there are ten days, which was overshadowed by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but on which we return today, as it was the scene of several announcements that will delight fans of Hi-Fi.

Of streaming in Hi-Res

For a start, the music service at the request of france has announced the launch of the Sublime formula+, which completes the formula of Sublime launched a year ago. This new package even more audiophile gives the right to stream in Hi-Res, that is to say, the files are compressed without loss in 24-bit, more often at 96 kHz.

Of the 30 million titles available in the “CD quality” (lossless at 44.1 kHz / 16 bit), 1 million are in Hi-Res, a total of 60 000 albums. But ” most of the innovations are available in Hi-Res “, after the remarks of Denis Thébaud, CEO of the new parent company of Qobuz, reported by Next Inpact.

This formula is invoiced for the tidy sum of € 350/year, the equivalent of 30 euros/month, but the formula is not mensualisable.

Offers streaming now scale as well :

Offers Compression Maximum resolution Maximum resolution Price
Premium MP3 320 kbps 44.1 kHz 16-bit 10 €/month
Hi-Fi “True CD quality” 44.1 kHz 16-bit 20 €/month
Sublime+ Hi-Res 96 kHz 24-bit 30 €/month

The offer Sublime is maintained. It gives access to download Hi-Res for the price of the MP3 (30 to 60 % discount), and the streaming of these purchases in Hi-Res, but the streaming of the rest of the catalog is to the ” true CD quality “.

What finally take advantage of its smartphone compatible Hi-Res ? Rest to assure you that you can hear the difference, be it between compression with and without loss, by engaging in a test ABX double-blind such as the one available on this internet site.

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New mobile applications

In addition to all new applications for Windows and MacOS, Qobuz will launch at the end of April, new applications for Android and iOS, which will host as those for computer the new format editorial Wide Angle, articles to read music.

Qobuz Music

on the App Store | Download a free Download on Google Play | Download

They will offer a new experience of navigation, a little less of a focus on the albums, and a little more on the playlists themes.

These new applications will allow to stream music directly to speakers Sonos, which will provide fail over the application exceeded the famous speakers connected.

Demonstration of the new app Qobuz for Mac & PC — Here, a Wide-Angle, format exclusive editorial #QobuzIsBack

— Qobuz (@qobuz) March 29, 2017

The DSD download

Finally, Qobuz will propose, at the beginning of the download in the format of DSD, a format that is still sharper than the FLAC 192 kHz / 24-bit, designed for the most discerning listeners. To sum, it is coded on 1 bit only, but very high-resolution 2.8 MHz. There was still no detail as to the price.

In sum, in the face of competitors Spotify, Deezer and others, Qobuz cultivates its difference, by building on the very top of the range and on its playlists made by music professionals.

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