The advisors of Trump have the blues

At the end of January, of the young recruits entered the White House full of pride and enthusiasm to the idea of serving their country in the new administration of president Donald Trump.

Four months later, their mission, which is supposed to be an extraordinary experience that they will boast a day with their grandchildren, and begins to look more like an enormous millstone round the neck they hang around the neck. Departing on Friday for his first trip abroad, Donald Trump leaves behind a White House under siege and the young advisors more and more demoralized.

On Wednesday evening, in the small common offices very close to the famous “West Wing”, the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the links between the inner circle of Donald Trump and the Russian fell like a clap of thunder. On a television hanging on the wall, the commentators on the news channels dropped the words “collusion”, “grand jury”, “impeachment”, received as punched by assistants of the president are silent and stunned.

Exhaustion and tearing

The employees of the department of communication and going from their offices, in meeting rooms, to try to find a positive way to present this appointment that may well remain as a task that is indelible on the presidency of Donald Trump. For months, these employees of the administration Trump have lived the exhaustion, the tears, the cheap shots and the atmosphere of persistent crisis of the White House.

This latest development – the culmination of a week of noise of an intensity that the White House has rarely known – is played under the eyes of the world. In the corridors, a photographer was attempting to capture by a few snapshots of these moments of history, so painful for the staff, before getting away.

The leadership skills of men Donald Trump, touted by some, are not expressed at the White House, where the blows in soft and rumours day-to-day of dismissal have become the norm. In private, employees complain about the incompetence of the administration and the staff. Advisors more junior often wonder if they will be able to return to work the next day, sometimes with the desire unspeakable to finally be issued.

“How are you?”

Some make fun of what the innocent question “how are you?” has become an existential issue, while the whole world is whispering the latest rumors starting. Others say that they are looking for an exit door, or that they are considering a lawyer. The republicans who were asked if they were interested by a position at the presidency stand cautiously at a distance.

For the spokesperson of the White House, Sean Spicer, the disaster turns to public humiliation. Ridiculed by comedians, derided by the correspondents of the White House and almost ritually contradicted by the chairman, Sean Spicer has also had to endure to hear his colleagues tell the journalists that he will soon be sacked.

Presented as a possible successor, Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former lawyer, model and currently a presenter on Fox News, has even openly stated to a local newspaper to be in talks with the White House to resume the position of spokesperson.

“I think I have a very good relationship with the president,” said Kimberly Guilfoyle in journal Mercury News. “I love the relationships are simple, direct and genuine, based on trust and integrity, and I think it is essential for success in this position.”

Sean Spicer was Friday aboard Air Force One with the other councillors of the first circle – Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Steve Bannon for a first displacement presidential abroad that some compare to a field of mines – in saudi Arabia, Israel, the palestinian Territories, the Vatican, Brussels and Sicily. For those of the team Trump who remain in Washington next week, may offer a respite. (afp/nxp)

Created: 20.05.2017, 07: 00

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