The Saudis held out the red carpet for Trump

The arrival in great pomp of Donald Trump contrast with the welcome rather cold that had received a year ago, for his last visit, the ex-us president Barack Obama, criticized Riyadh for having started a beginning of rapprochement with Iran, the main rival of the saudi Arabia. The plane Air Force One the new american president landed shortly before 10: 00 (07: 00 GMT) to King Khaled International airport in Riyadh, where the red carpet has been rolled out.

The king Salman welcomed Mr. Trump in his descent of plane, shaking hands, and his wife, Melania. The first lady of the United States was dressed simply: a wide trousers with high waist and a long sleeved shirt color black with a wide gold belt. His hair was in the wind. The saudi sovereign 81-year-old, who was holding a cane, then accompanied the presidential couple to the vip room of the airport where it had taken place between Mr. Trump and his wife.

The eldest daughter of the president, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, who are part of the american delegation, are lowered through a door located on the rear of the aircraft before crossing the runway, holding his hand, a scene that was repeated on their arrival at the hotel where you can stay the american delegation. Ivanka Trump was wearing a long black dress hit of white patterns. Smiling, king Salman, and Mr. Trump have exchanged a few words at the vip room of the airport, before boarding a limousine armored.

Deserted streets

The motorcade then departed in the direction of a large hotel in the capital celebrating flags from saudi arabia and the americans. The streets, almost deserted, were also adorned with pictures showing the saudi sovereign and the american president with a slogan “Together, we triumph over”. Sean Spicer, the spokesman of the white House, as well as Gary Cohn, business consultant, and Dina Powell, assistant advisor to the national security, are part of the delegation.

Mr. Trump should talk in the after-noon with the king Salman, and leaders of the kingdom of saudi arabia. Sunday, still in Riyadh, he will deliver in front of a fifty leaders of muslim countries a speech emphasizing his “hopes” for a “peaceful vision” of islam. This summit has been “blessed” by the imam of Mecca. After Ryad, Mr. Trump, trouble in his country, has to go to Israel, the palestinian Territories, the Vatican, Brussels and Sicily to the summits of Nato and the G7.

Created: 20.05.2017, 11h06

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