The vice-president, accused of rape, fled the country

The general Uzbek is the subject of an investigation for rape and sequestration on a political opponent.

The one who is first vice-president of the Republic, “was rendered Thursday in Turkey for a medical examination and to visit his family”, announced on Saturday his spokesman, Bashir Ahmad Tahyanj in a press release. It ensures that “general Dostum returns to his country after the check-up medical”.

Quoted in the press release, Mr. Dostum also seems to want to reassure him on this point by saying: “I stand alongside my people, the deterioration of the security situation in my country worries me”.

Surge in taliban

The general pattern of a north-west to radical means, frequently travels to Turkey where his family and for treatment. But he left the country when the taliban broke down the fronts, and the north-west, including his home province of Jowzjan, is threatened by the surge of fighters joined the group islamic State (EI).

And it is the subject of an investigation by the justice afghan under pressure of the west, to be sequestered and raped in January a rival policy in the margin of a game of bouzkachi, a traditional sport.

He is accused of ordering his personal guard to capture his rival Ahmad Ishchi, ex-governor over the age of sixty years, to have him sequestered in his property, and then being tortured and sodomized with a rifle, the AK-47. At the time, the ministry of Justice had promised “an impartial and transparent on these facts.”

International pressure

The prosecutor had ordered the arrest of nine of his body guards, who have come to make some time later in its premises to explain, without result.

Embarrassed, because Mr. Dostum is the vice-president of a government of national unity to the balance is fragile and brittle, president Ashraf Ghani had to resolve to this investigation after the indignation of representatives of the United States, the european Union and Canada. But many observers in the country have always doubted see the procedure result.

The case shows the brutality and impunity of former leaders of war afghan past responsibilities without ever having to render accounts to the justice on their crimes past. (tty/nxp)

Created: 20.05.2017, 08h37

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