Third-party apps for Google Wizard more easy to find

The third-party applications Google Assistant are now available for download through a shop dedicated to it, Google Wizard Directory.

Today, Google Assistant is only available in French through the Google application that Allo. The deployment to smartphones is expected to unfold very soon, and the Google Home will also be marketed in France as early as this summer.

In the past few months, developers can enrich the Google Wizard in creating their own applications. Named Voice Actions, they are already a hundred ! Only problem today : the installation is very archaic, because there is only a vague page hidden in the application Google Home. She identifies in the form of a list sorted according to the algorithm, irrelevant and an interface incomprehensible.

But good news : Google announced yesterday that Google Wizard was going to have its own app store. Named Google Wizard Directory, it will work the same for the Google Home, that for smartphones.

On the latter, a new icon appears in the top right of the screen of Google Wizard, and redirects to this shop. You can find all of the actions that have been created and selected. Indeed, for the moment these shares are subject to a manual validation to ensure the relevance of information and a conversation medium.

For each application, we find a screen close to that of Google Play, where you get detailed information and the compatibility with the different versions of Google Wizard.

However, if you don’t have Google Wizard, you will simply need to launch the application Google Home to find manually this shortcut.

In addition to the Google Assistant Directory, these applications can be installed in two other ways. The first is known as implicit, since it is the result of a conversation with the wizard (what games can I play ?). The second is possible thanks to the sharing applications. Each application has its own link that you can share through social networks.

Google Assistant is therefore a cornerstone of the future of search and Google product of efforts to impose it on the larger number and stop the progression of Siri, Cortana, but especially Alexa Amazon.

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