Xabi Alonso and Lahm, the farewell of two champions

Against Freiburg, Xabi Alonso and Philipp Lahm should play the last game of their career before retirement. Two champions who are going to miss.

This season 2016-2017 has been that of the farewell of the idols. Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard, Dirk Kuyt, probably Francesco Totti and, therefore, Xabi Alonso and Philipp Lahm. All have, in their own way, mark this game, its history, to varying degrees. The first began his career with Real Sociedad before jetting off to the Premier League and Liverpool, the club with which he will be remembered as one of the builders of the final of Istanbul won against the AC Milan of Carlo Ancelotti, scoring a decisive penalty (3-3; 2-3 for t. a. b). It really is at Real Madrid and under the direction of José Mourinho that he will give the full measure of his talent, the Decima achieved in the face of Atlético Madrid (4-1; a. p) remaining as a regret in his career, who could not compete in the final of the champions League being suspended.

Indispensable to the Spain, Real Madrid and Bayern with Guardiola, Xabi has made the right decision

At Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola do not be mistaken and made him the foundation of his system as a pivot, taking in her defence after a meeting of League champions facing Shaktar Donetsk, at which time the number 3 had been expelled : Xabi Alonso is the worst player in the world in defence. But Bayern has not recruited to recover the ball but to keep it. We would like to have the ball the maximum time possible”, had explained the current coach of Manchester City. The ability of gesion and control, Xabi was converted as a regulator perfect for Spain, allowing him to climb on the roof of the world (2010) or Europe (2008, 2012), forming alongside Sergio Busquets in a double pivot a symbol of the total control until 2014, and the fall in Brazil during the World.

On the side of the Bundesliga, Xabi Alonso has also evolved with Carlo Ancelotti that he has experienced at Real Madrid. Between the two men, the relationship of trust is not altered, sometimes becoming too large, according to our correspondent Bayern Munich, Niklas Koenig : “ His relationship with Ancelotti was obviously very good. The two know each other, respect and appreciate. And Ancelotti has had a lot of confidence in Alonso (if you ask me, too), Alonso was a holder in the most important matches. In addition, Alonso was an important factor on the field. He has integrated very well at Bayern, has learned the German language pretty quickly and was able to speak German in the mixed zone. I know he was a player who talked a lot in the locker room, especially for the young players” , expose it, the less convinced by the real contribution to sports in the middle of the field in the game : “He experienced a difficult season. Especially in the Champions League, Alonso has made too many mistakes. He has played well in the huitème in the face of Arsenal, but has had big problems in the group stage against PSV Eindhoven and Atletico and especially in the quarter-final against Real Madrid. He simply needed too much time to make his decisions and he has made mistakes in his positional game, then he has not been able to defend well, because it is not fast enough to keep up with the players when he lost a duel.” Smart man, Xabi has, without doubt, he himself could see that he was no longer at the level to play matches of any dimension if important, and, shortly before the showdown against Real Madrid in the champions League, it was implied, speaking of his departure from the Real, something strong, in the columns of El Pais : “It is necessary to know when to say goodbye. I always try to leave at the right time.”

Philipp Lahm will leave a great void at Bayern Munich

World Champion 2014, Germany, Philipp Lahm is a legend of Bayern Munich, the club with which he has notably played in three finals of the champions League, winning the trophy in 2013 after setbacks in 2010 and 2012. Apart from a loan to Stuttgart from 2003 to 2005, he always wore the jersey of Bayern in the club, winning as years a versatility that he has a view to extend under the management of Pep Guardiola. Last February, probed about the retirement of his former player, he has shown great respect to him in press conference : “Philipp has been a special person in my life. This is not easy for a Catalan to go to Germany after their threefold (2013), to learn German and to discover a new culture. He helped me on and off the field. It is one of the players the most fantastic that I have driven in my life. And one of the most intelligent. Football will lose one of the best players I’ve seen. He can move to 10 positions, it does not pose any problem because he understands the game.”

In comparison to Xabi Alonso, the club from munich is going to have to cope without a major element of its structure in the coming years, according to Niklas Koening : “The loss of Lahm is much more problematic. Same as right side, it has had a big impact on the game of Bayern for years. Kimmich is a player quite similar to Lahm so this could work, but you can’t expect that he will fill the role of Lahm without loss of quality. Lahm is one of the best players in terms of positioning, and password. This is why he was a perfect player for Guardiola, and why we can believe the words of Guardiola, even if Pep is often the praise of his players. Obviously, his impact on Bayern was huge. It has been an institution as right-side and was the same world-class when Pep has been used as a central midfielder” , concluded he.

With Lahm and Xabi Alonso, Bayern Munich is going to lose two players who have scored the football world, beyond their list substantially. Two players of a very high level, intelligent men. It goes without saying that it will now that the club from munich can bridge these two departures major in its workforce to be increasingly competitive in the coming years. A major challenge for the institution in bavaria, which will pay tribute to two champions.

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