INTERVIEW – Martin Terrier : “We have the team to achieve the double”

EXCLUDED GOAL Selected for the first time in the France team, the striker of lille Martin Terrier prepares to compete in the world Cup U20.

Released by Lille to compete in the world Cup U20 with the France team European champion, Martin Terrier is the only one of the group to be gone through no selection up here. Arrived Tuesday in south Korea, he entrusted himself to the Goal before the entry into the fray of the French against Honduras, Monday (10am French time). In this interview, the striker of LILLE is back on his injury last march. He also tells about his first steps in Blue, and ensures that the team France can achieve the double Euro-World.

Yoan Severin, the roommate of Martin Terrier

You are the new kid on the selection U20, how was your first week with the group ?

Martin Terrier : Very well. The players were great with me. To me, they have well integrated and the training I really started to find my place. This is a very good thing in preparation for the first match on Monday against Honduras.

You missed the last rally in Ploufragan on injury, you have not been afraid to miss the train at this time ?

If, necessarily. When I’m hurt, I thought directly to the world Cup because it was the last gathering before the final list. I was afraid, but I’m straight back to work and I threw myself fully into my rehabilitation.

Ludovic Batelli has he called to reassure you after your injury ?

We stayed in contact. He called me often on the weekend, after the matches, to make a small topo and obviously he saw my performances on tv.

“I intend to break everything”

What message did it happen ?

He told me that his assistant (Olivier Meurillon) would come to see me play, even if it was in DWI, to give me a chance to participate in the world Cup. This is what happened. He came to see me in CFA and the weekend after I scored my first goal in Ligue 1 against Montpellier, and I think it was played much.

The breeder expects of you as a motivation far for your first Blue. Do you like a death of starvation ?

I have in mind to earn my place, and for that I must redouble our efforts. Compete in a World cup, with the team of France, I couldn’t have dreamed it better. Today, I have the slab. I discovered I don’t have a question to ask me, and I intend to break everything.

Do you know what position the coach will you use ?

I have no idea of the position in which he would like to see me evolve, but I am someone who is versatile and I can easily adapt. I’ve already played in 8, 9 or on one side. I have the safe and even if my position of choice is rather behind the striker, I am ready to troubleshoot anywhere.

“We have the players to compensate for the lack of Mbappé”

Do you have the personnel to compensate for the lack of a player like Kylian Mbappé ?

Kylian, this is a exceptional player. It is able to make the difference at any moment, and when you have it in your team, it’s a plus, but the fact that he is not there to open the door to other attackers, of which I am a part of, and I think we have the players to compensate his absence.

Mbappé is not the only one absent (Lopez, Maouassa), do you think that France is capable of achieving the double Euro-World ?

Of course. It has the effective to. The first goal is to reach the last square, and after all can happen, but we have the team to achieve the double.

Beyond the opponents that could be tough, the time difference can it penalize you ?

There will be no problem with the lag. The first two days have been complicated, but we found the pace and it was well suited since.

Interview by Benjamin Quarez

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