Brad Pitt is assigned the wrong role to lessen the tension with Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt is assigned the wrong role to ease tensions with Angelina Jolie 14/06/2017 at 22:20 In the pages of GQ, Brad Pitt was assigned the wrong role in his divorce, and his confidences were a hand reaching out to Angelina Jolie with whom he hopes to ease tensions, recalls to the Public.

The high priority of the hollywood actor this is, above all, his family.
He talked about it in this long interview he granted to GQ.

“The first family. On their deathbeds, people do not speak of what they have achieved or the awards they received. They are talking about are expensive and their regrets, ” said the hollywood actor.

And confide then on her children. “Children are so fragile. They absorb everything. They need their hand held and be told about things. They need to listen to them. When I’m in the mode to work, I’m not listening. I want to be better than that.”

And it was delivered this way, and discussed his former addiction to alcohol, it was to erase the damage caused by his altercation in September 2016 when he was drunk, with the eldest of the siblings, Maddox, 15 years, ” said Public.
It would be decided to not redo the same mistakes.

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