DS : the Performance model will continue to exist

The DS 3 is the historical model of the young French brand and its variant Racing has not ceased to exist, even if she changed her name recently on the occasion of the restyling to switch from Racing to Performance. And precisely, these variants will continue to exist in the future, with, why not, other affected models.

DS is in full transition phase, with the gradual renewal of the catalog. The DS 3 and 4 are still there, in the same way as the DS 5, but their advanced age is severely felt, particularly in the sales that are falling these last few months. The premium brand for French all the same on the offensive with his first completely new product, the DS 7 Crossback, which will be accompanied by five other new releases (one per year) by 2023.

And in these novelties, we will have right versions of sports since the brand has confirmed to our colleagues of Coach that the branch Performance would be always of the party in the future. And it is necessary well to distinguish the pseudo-sports model E-Tense, a plug-in hybrid to about 300 hp which will be marketed on some models.

This means that DS account, as a minimum, keep the DS-3 Performance in the catalogue. And it is not impossible to find also, in the future, new models of Performance, which would strengthen a little more the image of the brand, including in some markets.

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