Emmanuel Macron and Marie Sara accomplices ! Thinks Brigitte Macron ?

Emmanuel Macron and Marie Sara accomplices ! Thinks Brigitte Macron ? 14/06/2017 at 21:21 Here Paris wondered what Brigitte Macron thought of the alleged complicity of Marie Sara, a candidate in the legislative, with her husband Emmanuel Macron ?

“The two women do not seem to know. But, they have friends in common, and would cross at the airshows…

This would be all, ” know Here in Paris, which reports in its edition of June 14, the friendship between the president of the republic and the aspiring member of parliament, ex-wife of Henri Leconte.

“Bridget knows, her husband is in need of moments of friendship. Who is Mary Sarah, to Emmanuel ? Perhaps, a part of her secret garden, with which he also speaks about his love for Brigitte, a friend with whom he likes to resource the time of a meal, the time of a break, ” says the weekly.

Here Paris suggests the lines that the presidential couple could learn some tensions.

It is in 2008 that Mary and Sarah had met the man who would become president of the republic in the framework of the commission Attali. Emmanuel Macron was the role of “assistant rapporteur and ensure the” smooth operation “.

Despite the title attractive, at any time a loving relationship is fed. “It is not uncommon to see them exchange a few words. Their bond has been strengthened over the years. When Mary found herself a widow, it is said that he would be assured of his support. Since we see regularly dine together and discuss, often with passion. There was between them a sort of benevolence, of peace “.

Also, Mary Sarah has never let this rumor which could be exploited by the far-right to which she objects in the Vaucluse.

“We are not friends to the point of a vacation “, she explained to VOD. But we dine together. What are we talking about ? Of everything, of life.”

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