EnjoyPhoenix, a YouTubeuse generous ? (VIDEO)

And if Mary Lopez alias EnjoyPhoenix had a big heart ? In his latest video posted on YouTube, the star of the net shows a great generosity.

                                         This is not the first time that the star of the net in French is a nice gesture. EnjoyPhoenix, who was lately in New-York, and which was unveiled by the incredible photos of his stay, has shared her collaboration with the cosmetics brand Maybelline on Instagram. Finally back in France, and just after his return from the United States, the YouTubeuse has not been idle and has participated in a empty dressing room that organizes it for months. And it is in Paris that we find the pretty blonde 22-year-old, who has not forgotten vlogger his very busy day. Exhausted, Mary Lopez has still found the strength and energy to manage a huge sale of all of the products that it does not or more.</p>                                           <iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe> <p>Décor, jewelry, gifts of its millions of subscribers, such as cups or shells from the phone, the package that the cosmetic brands had sent him, and of course clothing. Here is the long list that one could find in the empty dressing room of the YouTubeuse. In his latest Vlog, EnjoyPhoenix , which is located in the capital, explains that all the money raised will be directly donated to an association. A gesture salutary that we never forget to emphasize. Yes, the beauty adviser 2.0 is generous and shown much kindness, and these are not his fans who will say the opposite. EnjoyPhoenix may be complexed by her physical, but she has nothing to regret in regard to her beautiful personality. We don't know you, but we love to discover the YouTubeuse this way ! And you, what do you think ? 

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