Enora Malagré “not tender” with Cyril Hanouna in an interview with TeleObs

Enora Malagré “not tender” with Cyril Hanouna in an interview with TeleObs 14/06/2017 at 20:22 Enora Malagré confided in an interview to Tv-Obs, opportunity to clarify the reasons for which she left TPMP, where she officiated for many years as a columnist.

And the least we can say is that she is not tender with Cyril Hanouna she is accused of having violated.

“There are several reasons for my departure. First I must say that first of all, I spent seven great years there in a bubble of kiff, me laugh like never before. But the past two years, the atmosphere has changed. To us, the chroniclers, Cyril was a good feeling, sometimes with a hint of contempt, that he was the producer and we, simple employees, ” says the pretty blonde.

“‘When you will let out, we ask you your opinion’, of this kind of stuff. This is not mean, this is not to hurt but it hurts, ” says Enora Malagré.

“The last six months, it became more hard. The last time, I was going to the ball in the belly. During the broadcast, he was too severe with me, I cut off all the time in the word, often with a simple gesture, ” says the young woman. I found myself with a side, a guy that te produces for five years and the other, the same that you said to the antenna that you are a ‘moderator cardboard’.

“But attention, it is necessary to put it in perspective, this is not the gulag. Of course, it is very hard, but I’m also aware that without him I was nothing before then, ” that which shares the life of so doumé, a hotel Corsica.

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