Finished philo, heading out to Rome for Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam

Finished philo, heading out to Rome for Charlotte Casiraghi and Dimitri Rassam 14/06/2017 at 19:00 After having honoured with his presence the Meetings of the Philosophical of Monaco, which she chairs, Charlotte Casiraghi has set its sights on Rome, a city where she has her habits.

For the occasion, she found the producer Dimitri Rassam, the son of Carole Bouquet.

The photos of their arrival in the Italian capital have been released by the magazine Italian Diva.

A few hours earlier, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco gave the awards at a ceremony attended also his younger brother, Pierre Casiraghi.

The price of honor had been awarded this year to Emanuele Coccia for his book ” The Life of plants, a metaphysics of the mixture.”

In this essay, Emanuele Coccia reflects on this vegetation, which has often been seen as an ” accident colorful but inessential objects “, like the ” throne in the margins of the cognitive field “… But how the plants could be more than what végète ? What would be their essence ?

Of passion for philosophy and literature, the darling of Dimitri Rassam talked about it in the columns of ” Vanity Fair “, disciplines that help to confront the life.

“The literature and philosophy help me to live a little better is the confrontation with the precariousness of desire, of life ; the sense of loss radical that wreaks havoc and burns us. Share this with others gives me pleasure.
This is the only reason that pushed me to undertake these meetings. (…) I felt reassured that there is this space for thought. I’ve always had the anxiety not to see all sides of an issue, misjudge a situation, a person. I told myself that the conceptual tools, critical, could allow me to apprehend the real, moral conflicts, a way that is a little more fair “, she had said then.

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