Kate Middleton : Prince George’s private birthday ?

Kate Middleton and Prince William would be on the point of depriving the Prince George for his birthday ? Official travel seems to happen at the worst possible time !

                                         Kate Middleton would be on the outs with the royal family because of the education of its children. The Duchess of Cambridge does not intend to impose all the rules of protocol at the Prince George and the Princess Charlotte, and it bothers some. Soon, it is the birthday of his son, that could be a problem. In July, Kate Middleton and Prince William will be leaving for Germany and Poland, not for vacation but for official visits. The problem is that the dates of this trip are not really ideal for their children. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge took Prince George and the Princess Charlotte during their royal tour of Canada in September 2016 but this time, one of the visits falls on a day that is very special.</p>                                            <p>The timing of this trip is very curious, because the couple is expected to arrive in Warsaw, Poland, on July 17. They will visit then Gdansk on the Baltic coast and will travel to Germany to visit Berlin, Heidelberg, and Hamburg. The problem ? This will fall during the anniversary of the little Prince George, who will celebrate her 4 years on July 22, 2017. Will it be a private birthday ? There is always the possibility that Kate Middleton and Prince William take their children on this trip but Prince George could just as well remain surrounded by the assistants to the royal in England, but without his family. That would be sad for the little boy. However, Kate Middleton, in a war against a star of british television, has surely not forgotten his son and expected him to organize on his return a great party to celebrate its 4 years old. And according to you, Prince George will there be a private birthday ? 

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