Kate Middleton suffers from the syndrome of the princess unhappy

Kate Middleton suffers from the syndrome of the princess unhappy 14/06/2017 at 21:00 Kate Middleton would be “very sad”, even if it displays a radiant smile to each of its outputs to the public.

The wife of prince William, at the bottom of the hole ? It is, in any case, what tries to make us believe the magazine Star claims the duchess of Cambridge’s very unfortunate.

It would be in the throes of anguish since she gave birth to her second child. Its slim
supposed to extreme to be only the consequence of this ill-being.

This connection seems strengthened by Here Paris, which claimed his side that Kate Middleton is ” the keeper of a dark secret “.

“Behind the smile of the duchess of Cambridge (…) conceals a mystery “.
And remember, in passing, that the day of his marriage with the second in the order of succession to the british crown, the young woman was ” the size of 38 “.
And three years later, ” she was already buying the 34 “.
What are the reasons for this ill-being. A relative has an idea.

“She spent a lot of nights without sleep, worrying about looks that would be glued on it “, blowing a source close to.

For other observers, on the other hand, Kate Middleton is said to suffer simply to the “syndrome of the princess unhappy, “”excellent for weight loss, but less good for the morale,” he explained.

This badly scarred by the anguish would be common in “the roturières become princesses,” says, “Here is Paris” citing as an example not only Rania of Jordan, but also to Letizia Ortiz, a journalist became queen of Spain.

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