This flying car has managed to cross the Channel

The Pegasus is a mix of buggy and ULM. Designed by a French company, he left France and reached England via the air. It took him less than 45 minutes to cross the sea.

Cross the Channel with your car, it is possible. But it takes place either in a car, Eurostar, either in the hold of a boat. With the Pegasus, you’ll pass by the air ! This strange contraption, a sort of cross between a dune buggy and an ULTRALIGHT, has managed to cross the sea, between the aerodrome of Ambleteuse on the Opal coast and Dover.

Cette voiture volante a réussi à traverser la Manche

The Pegasus took off Wednesday at 8h03, and landed at 8: 45am, a time-of-flight is relatively short to travel 35 km. The vehicle had left Paris and had joined its point of take-off the road. After his landing, he hit the road again to reach the the design museum, Kensington, London.

The Pegasus is equipped with a double motor. In addition to the propeller which drives him in the air with the help of a paraglider, it has a scooter engine for the terrestrial part. A very large tank allows an autonomy on road of 1 000 km. The craft has all approvals, road and air, a first in Europe.

The Pegasus, whose first prototypes date of 2014, is the subject of a campaign of crowdfunding. This project of the French company Vaylon may as well go into production if the collection is successful. The purpose of such a device is to be a vehicle booster for missions of reconnaissance and rescue.

The Pegasus, which can take off and land on short distances, thus can make it possible to reach isolated areas where no cars can venture. This flying object could as well be of interest to the army, police or civil security. It can also attract the attention of a tourist clientele.

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