Vanessa Paradis compared to Romy Schneider by Guillaume Gallienne

Vanessa Paradis compared to Romy Schneider by Guillaume Gallienne 14/06/2017 at 20:05 In an interview with ” It “, Guillaume Gallienne has been compared to Vanessa Paradis to Romy Schneider, after having led in ” Maryline “, the output of which is on our screens is scheduled to start soon.

The question, “in the cinema, you have finished your second feature film,” Maryline “, notably with Vanessa Paradis in the casting. Impressive ? “he asked to the actor and director.

“Oh no, because Vanessa is so available, so generous… Prodigious, too, to the point that my agent, who has seen the film, compare it to Romy Schneider,” explains the one who is currently in full promotion of ” La Cenerentola “, the first opera he directed, and which is to be discovered from 10 June to 13 July, Palais Garnier, Paris-9 e.

In the film, Vanessa Paradis gives a reply to Adeline to Hermy, who assumes the role of Maryline.
Eric Ruf, Xavier Beauvois, Pascale Arbillot, and Lars Edinger are also part of this distribution.

Maryline is an epic, that of a woman who does not have the words to defend herself. That of an actress who has become in spite of everything.

It will never become Monroe, will always remain a Norma Jean, modest and honest, and lonely and touching.
After a childhood in a small village of a province in a house with closed shutters, between an alcoholic mother and an abusive father, who never receive anyone, she “went to Paris” to become an actress.

His face, marked by silences, plot. She will know everything that this job can be humiliating when shooting a big film made by a huge director as talented as tyrannical. One finds it alcoholic to turn in a rector’s office to sort papers as we are working at the factory. But the profession is catching up.

Through meetings of caring individuals, she’s going to get out of the alcohol, the fear of words and other. What could have been his life will become a work, in which she will play the main role, always with strength, mystery, and modesty.

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