Alfa Romeo Giulia : sales more than disappointing

Is it really possible to compete today with the German trio on the segment of sedans on road ? The task is in any case complicated. According to figures from JATO Dynamics, sales of the Alfa Romeo Giulia is more than disappointing on a rolling year.

Alfa Romeo has he already missed the shot of the Giulia ? If we look more closely at the sales of the sedan on a rolling year, we could think of. Nothing that the United States, where the sedan notchback are always the queens, the Giulia has found that a little more than 1500 buyers four months of marketing. Suffice to say not much in a market that weighs nearly 18 million vehicles per year.

In Europe, the situation is not much more glorious. The output of the Giulia, Sergio Marchionne, the boss of the Fiat group (which owns Alfa Romeo) had announced a target of 75 000 to 100, 000 annual sales for the sedan around the world. On the year that has just ended, between April 2016 and may 2017, sales in Europe have reached 18 908 units.

The hopes are therefore now in large part carried on the Stelvio, the SUV, which arrives little by little on all markets, including the United States. By the month of December, it will be time to do the first accounts for the Alfa Romeo and see if the Phoenix is income where it is permanently remained in the ash.

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