Alice Sabatini: ‘I ended up in the hospital because of diets’

Alice Sabatini has lost 11 pounds taken after she won Miss Italy in 2015, but he spent a moment very ugly: “I ended up in hospital because of diet wrong”. He told the weekly Diva and Women in the number in newspaper stand.

Alice Sabatini has revealed that the entry in the tunnel of the diets

Alice at one point he did not do well in her body: “I’ve had a bump hormone that me has ‘transformed‘ – has revealed the Sabatiniand then I entered in the tunnel of the diets are wrong: I ended up in the hospital, I risked an operation for an intestinal blockage. But now, fortunately, everything is resolved. I also started to go to the gym and play basketball”. “Last summer I was in crisis, I could see myself changed a lot and I couldn’t get in costume , “continued the former Miss Italy – The people then is always ready to point the finger: also on the social… fortunately, Gabriele (Benetti, boyfriend, editor’s note) helped me a lot”. And it was also thanks to the better half, if you managed to overcome everything.

The former Miss Italy now is well and has found the smile
The pretty brunette will keep you in shape going to the gym and playing basketball

Today, Alice Sabatini weighs 62 pounds to 178 centimetres and she found the smile. The diets have made it end up in the hospital, but now he is well. A few days ago has celebrated the first year of love with his Gabriele. The beautiful Miss and the singer live together in Rome. Alice is studying to become an actress and attended a school of Design and the disciplines of fashion.


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