Ambra Angiolini: ‘Girlfriend? Are my business’

Ambra Angiolini, interviewed by the weekly Today, in the number in newspaper stand, tells how to be happy. Alone or in company, no one knows. If you ask if it’s girlfriend, responds: “Are my business. Point.

Ambra Angiolini is happy. If you girlfriend? She replies: ‘my Business’…

After Francesco Renga, with whom she had Yolanda and Leonardo, 13 and 11 years old, arrived Lorenzo Quail. Now it seems that the model is a very good friend of Claudia Galanti… On those who frequent Ambra Angiolini, if there is a man in his heart, whether or not sweetheart, you know nothing. And when asked, theactress, 40-year-old responds: my Business.

Girlfriend? Ambra Angiolini clarifies: “I can do a thousand things, but I always ask if I’m engaged. I, however, now I know what I don’t want and what I don’t want to be consumed. Are my business, not me to tell by the four pictures that come out of a newspaper. You can think what you want, but that is what it is, and with whom, I know”.

And its serenity is reached, he explains: “I learned that I need to be the first person who turns a smile in the morning. I always expected that the first word of love, of my days is coming from outside, and it is wrong. Now I do and it works. They are more loving towards me, I started to think that I deserve the good things that I have. Before it was not so: I have lived a life with the terror that others will realize that not deserved anything. Now I understand that instead they are much better than what I have always thought of me”.

The 40-year old actress lives a very happy and serene moment

The children are his life. Ambra Angiolini speaks of that which can reach the guys from the web, as the phenomenon of the Blue Whale, and not only that: “depression, suicide, like rapists and pedophiles, there always will be. The only thing that you can do in order to live self-obsessed, and avoid growing to be human being afraid of everything, is the trust of the children. And you can trust them only if we work so much”.

Then he adds: “If I know that the dialogue I have with my daughter, I know that for 80 per cent I can stay home and prepare dinner waiting for you to come back. The 20 percent that’s missing, I don’t think so, but what you can’t manage it. I was a little girl I was strasicura of what I needed to do in order not to betray the trust of my. I started working at 13 years old, I happened to have situations… But I knew that the dirt that I would put on him would have been so unmanageable”.

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