Anna Tatangelo: With Gigi D’alessio great highs and lows’

Anna Tatangelo interviewed by those Who speak of the relationship with the partner , Gigi D’alessio. He admits, with him the “great high and low. But the crisis have been overcome within the walls of the home together.

Anna Tatangelo, who was interviewed by Whom, he speaks of the relationship with Gigi D’alessio

“There have been many trials that we have overcome together, Gigi has lost the most important people in his life, and I became even more a point of reference as he is to me”, reveals Anna Tatangelo at the weekly in the number in newspaper stand.
“I have taken care of my man in difficult moments, and I am not referring to those of caz*ate on the money that they have overstated, I am talking about when a person is evil in and you live the pain and you get a part”, underlines the singer’s 30-year-old. And he confesses: “and Then there were big ups and downs, I do not hide it”.

High and low with Gigi D’alessio, but surpassed “the respect that binds us, the importance of the relationship”. Remains with the 50-year-old, even if the rumors speak often of rupture.

The 30-year-old and the 50-year-old had ‘the great highs and lows’

Anna Tatangelo does not open only on Gigi D’alessio, Who also tells the difficult relationship that he has with the social: “to Attack the women of the show on a personal or physical aspect, which perhaps is the source of sufferings and insecurities, bullying, mainly because if a presenter does not like you, you can avoid looking at it. We are not politicians who represent a Country, we only represent ourselves. And I can’t stand the ones that say “a public figure must accept the criticism”, because it depends on the criticism and who makes them. If you complex them, you have to come to the other”.

Reiterates its having been rebuilt, only the breast: “Today it is fashionable to say that, if one has rebuilt the breast, then it is rebuilt. They are the brave ones that do and do not say”. You will feel sexy: “I have an age that gives me a new awareness, are in the middle of my sensuality and my femininity.”

His great love is his son, Andrea, 7 years

Anna finally admits that she is not thinking about another pregnancy. “Today, Andrea has 7 years old, and is in love with me, when I see you on the stage is enchanted. At school I always draw and I do the clothes the rainbow”, you know. Enough for him.

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