Brad Pitt fit and happy, he celebrates his sobriety !

After the painful period of her divorce, Brad Pitt will be better ! The evidence, he fights every day against his addiction to alcohol and famous now for its sobriety.

                                         Recently, Brad Pitt apologized to his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston. As a reminder, the american actor had left her after having a crush on Angelina Jolie on the set of the film Mr. and Mrs. Smith. A gesture, surprising, but which did not fail to be welcomed by internet users. Yes, since the actor of 53 years divorced, he seems to have taken his life in hand. And yet, this long journey has not been easy. As Brad Pitt said in his interview with GQ Style, he has long had to fight against his addictions to alcohol and drugs. The announcement of his separation from Angelina Jolie has also been a hard blow for him. It is not easy to manage it to break under the eyes of the world. But be reassured, today, dad to Maddox is doing much better !</p>                                            <p>If we are to believe the revelations of Radar Online, Brad Pitt, who shares a bromance unexpectedly with a rapper, would be more motivated than ever to leave his old tumultuous life behind him. For proof, lately it would have taken a big step in his fight against his addiction to alcohol. As is revealed in the tabloid, the movie star would have been rewarded by a token at its last meeting, Alcoholics Anonymous and have been sober for several months. One can only congratulate him. But that's not all ! The ex-husband of Angelina Jolie would also be very involved in the Los Angeles community and help people who are in the same situation as him to go ahead. In other words, the hero War Machine is in great shape and is continuing its efforts day after day. Bravo Brad ! And you, are you proud of the actor ? 

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