Charlotte Casiraghi dares to tailor your pajamas ! (photo)

Charlotte Casiraghi dares to tailor your pajamas ! (photo) 15/06/2017 at 13:07 The style adopted by Charlotte Casiraghi during his recent appearance at the Meetings of the Philosophical of Monaco, has been commented by Present Wife.

For the magazine, the fashion icon Gucci, the heiress of Grimaldi, has dared the tailor’s pajamas set pants way ” pajamas “, during his last visit to the Meetings of the Philosophical of Monaco, when she came to award a prize to the journalist Emanuele Coccia for his book ” The life of plants, a metaphysics of the mixture.”

In this essay, Emanuele Coccia reflects on this vegetation, which has often been seen as an ” accident colorful but inessential objects “, like the ” throne in the margins of the cognitive field “… But how the plants could be more than what végète ? What would be their essence ?

That day, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco appeared to be a simple sleepover, but it is not.
“But seen up close, the details do not deceive. Twill silk, edged in white ultra-chic and fall impeccable, this suit so pants pyjama is still signed Prada ! “says the publication.

And pointed out that Charlotte Casiraghi had made a sensation with this total look two-tone style, frankly androgynous “, and ” playing it casual and low-profile as evidenced by its attached hair and her make-up ultra-light “.

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