Chiara Ferragni, no more hidden advertising: with a hashtag signals that the sponsors

Chiara Ferragni says goodbye to the hidden advertising. It is the first the famous to do it. The fashion blogger in the photo shared, report the sponsor with a hashtag, #.

Chiara Ferragni says goodbye to the hidden advertising on the social

Out in the open. Chiara Ferragni admits to being a ‘means of promoting products. No more advertising for the young entrepreneur, 30-year-old, the sponsor and include thehashtag #ad. The phrase abbreviates the term ‘advertising’, which means precisely, advertising.

It was clear that the shots published, were not all the details are taken from his daily life. Its like those of all the other vip. The blonde, however, decided to stop the surreptitious advertising with a hashtag, ‘ # ‘ , added in the comment of the images that end up on their profiles on the network.

Fashion bloggers declare that promuivere a product of the sponsors of the hashtag #ad (in the photo promotes the brand Intimissimi)

The Blonde Salad has more than 10 million followers. Thanks to the social has become a successful woman known in the world, able to dictate fashion and infuenzare the trend of young people. Spreads looks, styles and poses. Now also told his love with Fedez.

Everything ends up on the web, a reality of the infinite. But, after a very long time, Chiara Ferragni says goodbye to the hidden advertising, sottolinearndo the product that promotes the sponsor.

The 30-year-old with the boyfriend, Fedez

It is a small step. The first. Have been many so far, in fact, the reports concerning the techniques of advertising already advanced to the Antitrust and Agcom.


In the United States, the Federal Trade Commission, fighting illicit trade activities, has established the principle according to which “if there is a connection financial between the influencer and the company, the public has the right to be aware of this relationship”. Clare is already adequate as it seems.

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