Citroën C3 Aircross : the Airbumps have disappeared at the last moment

Visible on the concept C-Aircross, the now famous Airbump have not been retained on the production model. But of curiosity : the miniature sold in stores !

Citroën found the form. The manufacturer has presented three new products during the last twelve months : the new C3 (which has a very good early career with already 130,000 copies ordered), the compact SUV C5 Aircross (launched first in China, where Citroën is bad) and the urban SUV C3 Aircross.

These three models has a family resemblance obvious between them and with the C4 Cactus launched in 2014, the range of the brand is consistency, in terms of style but also of values, with the new slogan of Citroën “Be Different, Feel Good” (be different, do you feel well). But on the other hand, if there is one area where Citroen is not all that coherent at the moment, it is equipment !

Le concept annonciateur, dévoilé en mars à Genève. Le modèle de série lui est fidèle, à un gros détail près !
The concept herald, unveiled in march in Geneva. The serial model is faithful to her, a big detail !

“Economic choice”

During the presentation of the C3 Aircross, a detail we thus questioned : the absence of Airbumps on the sides of the car. No vehicle, among those exhibited in Paris and those visible on the official photos, sported those famous pieces which include the air. This choice is surprising because the C3 and the C5 Aircross have. In addition, the concept annunciator C-Aircross had Airbumps ! Even more curious, the thumbnail just put on sale the brand has these elements.

Linda Jackson, who heads up the Citroën, explained to Autoactu : “we do not want the Airbumps become a marker of systematic brand”. Rather intriguing as a response, as much as we are in the presence of a vehicle adventurer ! And as on the citroën C3, Citroën could have been an option. Linda Jackson says that “it is an economic choice, we preferred to promote the driving aids”.

Citroën vient de mettre en vente ces miniatures. On voit bien des protections en bas des portes, qui intègrent un élément qui reprend la couleur du toit, comme sur la C3.
Citroën has just put on sale these thumbnails. We see many of the protections in the bottom of the doors, which incorporate an element that reflects the color of the roof, such as on the C3.

The Connected Cam also forgotten

Another surprise, there is no camera connected to the level of the central mirror. A equipment that C3 has inaugurated the world’s first and for which Citroen is very proud since it was the focus of the communication campaign on this item. But then again, nothing for the declination Aircross. We had also noted its absence in the C5 Aircross, while this technology had been shown for the first time on the concept, who announced this model ! We are surprised still to this choice, especially for vehicles and fighters, where the idea of a camera to immortalize escapades, it seems to be appropriate.

Samuel Dumas, head of product C3 Aircross, explained to our colleagues that “this is a equipment for the young customers of the C3. We have preferred other equipment, such as the head-up display-high-color”. We don’t see too much making it impossible to propose all at once, perhaps due to technical constraints.

Curious strategy of doing all a hype around a innovation and not to be able to offer it on the rest of its range !

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