Courted by Arsenal and Tottenham, Ryan Sessegnon is a phenomenon that, according to Aluko

Arsenal and Tottenham will offer a derby behind the scenes to secure the signature of Ryan Sessegnon. Sone Aluko speaks to us about the young defender.

Sone Aluko believes that Ryan Sessegnon is a “phenomenon” and sees him able to compete in any team in the Premier League, while Arsenal and Tottenham make eyes soft.

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The young defender has had a first great season in the Championship in 2016-2017, and Goal can confirm that he is followed by the Spurs and the Gunners by Chelsea. “This is a phenomenon I have never seen someone of this age play with such maturity and understanding of the game. It can become one of the best side in the country. It is at a point in his career where he must make good decisions and keep the willingness to work hard, but I think he has a beautiful future in front of him”, has entrusted us with Sone Aluko.

“He has a lot ahead of her age and could already play with the pros at 16 years old. I had no idea of her age when I saw it evolve to the workout for the first time. It is an exceptional talent and I think that what is important for him is to continue to grow. He has done this season, because he could play regularly. If he goes to Manchester City, Tottenham or Manchester United, will play there regularly ?”, asked Aluko.

“It could possibly go and ready to play. When you are good, you still have options. His decision-making will be crucial, it should not interrupt its progression,” added the mid-nigerian Cottagers.

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