Dieselgate – Volkswagen offers a warranty extension, but does not compensate customers

Finally a gesture for the customers of the Old Continent, obtained thanks to the support of the European Commission. But it is minimal, since the two-year warranty granted is limited to the mechanical elements involved in the repair.

Volkswagen made a small step towards its EU customers affected by the Dieselgate. This is not the brand that was advertised, but the European Commission, with evidence that it has had to make pressure to obtain a gesture of the part of the manufacturer. The owner of a vehicle affected by the scandal will take advantage of an extension of warranty.

But attention, this bonus for a period of two years only relates to the mechanical parts affected by the repair. So nothing to do with a general warranty, that would have been difficult to implement given that the majority of affected vehicles (in circulation between 2008 and 2015) are no longer under the protection of departure. Volkswagen stated : “the additional terms are a sign to our customers in Europe and other markets that the implementation of the standards has no negative effects on the durability of the vehicle.”

Therefore, there is still no draft compensation in the form of financial or trade-in vehicle in Europe, as is the case in the United States (and which costs the most expensive in the group). Volkswagen has always denied this to its european customers, highlighting the fact that there was no fraud with the regulations in force on our side of the Atlantic. VW continues with the campaigns of reminders to put the vehicles into conformity.

Volkswagen is very away to turn the page of the Dieselgate. We learned yesterday that 118 000 Dutch gathered for a procedure under the collective name. On the French side, a criminal investigation for aggravated tort of deceit is in course. It could lead to a fine of several billion euros.

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