François Hollande moved in with Julie Gayet. VOD unveils photos

François Hollande moved in with Julie Gayet. VOD unveils photos 15/06/2017 at 7:48 am According to the “VOD” François Hollande would have moved in with Julie Gayet, the one who shares his life for the past three years.

The weekly who offers her A to the former presidential couple, has revealed a photo taken last June 12, when the former head of State came out of the loft of Julie Gayet, in a standoff in East paris, “and headed for his office in the rue de Rivoli”, where is located the Foundation of which he will take orders at the start of the year.

François Hollande was protected by two police officers ” on duty, escorted by two officers in a minivan “.
Julie Gayet as she walks in the streets of Paris Philae, the labrador of the ex-president.
It must be said that in the aftermath of the defeat of history of the Socialist Party in legislative elections, ” the former tenant of the Elysee, who has elected domicile at his companion, got his first taste of a couple’s life normal.”

This rumor had already been noised abroad by “Le Parisien”.

In the aftermath of his departure from the Elysée, François Hollande could take the decision to settle down with his dear and tender.

Citing a close relative of the former president of the republic, Le Parisien reported that the person concerned could give a new breath of life to his relationship with the actress.

“Maybe will he go to live with Julie Gayet since it seems to be going very well between them “, he slipped.
And other intimate details : “I believe that in the circumstances he does not like to plan ahead and prefer to see happen in the day-to-day “.

At the end of April, Closer had the place of honour , François Hollande, and Julie Gayet, in her revealing pictures of themselves at the Lantern, the presidential residence, located not far from the castle of Versailles.

While everyone was saying their relationship imploded, the president of the republic and the actress of 45 years “have proved wrong those bad languages by spending the Easter weekend in the lovers at the Lantern, the famous residence secondary official placed at the disposal of the president of the Republic”.

Closer took the opportunity to unveil pictures of the couple, ” walking in the alleys of the park arm in arm and smiling “.

People magazine has gone a step further fueling the rumor of a marriage, which would be expected this summer.
“Because if François Hollande has never hidden his reluctance to pass the rope to the neck, he could finally take the plunge with Julie. It is in any case what it says in the entourage of the couple,” commented the publication.

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