Gilbert Gollard treats the voters of the FN of ” lazy “

Gilbert Gollard treats the voters of the FN “lazy” 15/06/2017 to 17:00 The member out of the Gard, Gilbert Gollard is price Wednesday evening to the voters of FN who have not gone to vote in the first round of the general elections, marked by the tide in favour of the Republic in March.

The lawyer was in fact a meeting Wednesday evening in Cailar, Gard, in the presence of Marion Maréchal-Le Pen.
For the occasion one that will be opposite to Marie Sara, the place of honour in the final Here in Paris who returns to his complicity with Emmanuel Macron, has not been deprived of “blast” according to its own term, the voters frontistes which boycotted the polls in the first round.

“Get out the vote tape slack ! “, launched the one that has been cropped by Laurent Delahousse.

“If all the electors of the Front had passed, I passed the first round,” he added jauntily the mp outgoing.
“I want to at least be able to piss off” Emmanuel Macron at the Meeting, said Gilbert Collard.

Legislative : Marion-Maréchal Le Pen at the bedside… by Europe1fr

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