INTERVIEW – Ricardo Faty : “Ranieri is a true gentleman”

EXCLUDED GOAL – Under the command of Ranieri at Roma for a year, Ricardo Faty will only keep good memories of the Italian, new coach of Nantes.

What kind of a coach is Claudio Ranieri ?

Ricardo Faty : Claudio Ranieri is a great coach. It is a coach’s “old school“. Not in the bad sense of the term, but rather in the sense that it has values. It communicates a lot, he is very frank and doesn’t hesitate to say what he thinks. It is a coach, a human, open to discussion. It is not bounded, does not remain camped on its positions and most importantly, he is very open to the discussion. Players can seek him to discuss, he will never refuse. He reaches the end of its career, therefore, I think it will open up to other even more.

What are the chances for Strasbourg, Amiens and Troyes to stay in League 1 ?

What are its working methods on a daily basis ?

It is not really different to other coaches. I can’t say that there really is a “key Ranieri”. On the other hand, there are aspects on which he insists. It works much the land, the physical power, the dry-cleaning. This is really his thing. It is a worker. What makes the difference with other coaches, it’s that he leaves nothing to chance. It is rigorous, meticulous and most of all, he always gives 100%. Whether for a workout mid-week or before a game, for a cleansing or for a match… It is always block.

He has often shown a side accessible, calm in the press conference, he also with his group ?

It has a lot of humour. He speaks several languages, but often, they are only a few notions. He tries to make jokes that make us smile all the world. He knows how to relax the atmosphere, this is not someone rigid. That is a positive thinker.

Some players like Lampard, Gallas or Kante took on a different dimension to his side. How does he get the best out of its workforce ?

First of all, it lends them the attention. It leaves no side. Then, it is straightforward. Whether it is a boy or a framework, it is the same way. There is no question of status. If he has a problem, it does not expect there to be tension in the locker room or a clash, it tells you your four truths. I think it has simple and efficient methods. Maintaining a voltage at the daily, it draws the best out of players he has under his orders. For young players, it can only be positive. It happens to be sure that everyone is behind him. This was the case in Leicester, and I think it is for this reason that he has won the title in England.

The title of champion of England precisely, it can be a trigger for him that has always moved him a reputation as a loser ?

In the method, it will always remain the same. It will not change nothing and will remain on the same niche. Win the title in Ligue 1, it seems complicated (laughs). It would be pretentious to think that he could snag a 5th place, as far as the championship, it is more random. But why not win a cup ? This is a man cut out for the Cuts. It gets the most out of his players and knows how to motivate them for a match. A national Cup, it seems to me quite possible.

It is now the new coach of Nantes. What can he bring to this group ?

I am very happy to Nantes, because in their misfortune of having lost Sergio Conceiçao, they have the happiness of winning a very large coach. Waldemar Kita has not cheated, he has done a very good choice in turning to Ranieri. I think it will be in the continuity of Conceiçao, the two are a little similar. In the laundry, quality athletic, it is a bit similar. In rigor, it will be a notch above still. I am persuaded that it will advance the young players. It will bring a lot of freshness to Nantes.

If he were to name his top three qualities, what would they be ?

First, and without much hesitation, I would say that it is humble. When he won the title with Leicester, he would have been able to settle its accounts with José Mourinho, with whom he was in the cold since his move to Roma. But he said nothing, nor did anything special. It has not even sought to make a special recognition. Then, it has a very strong sense of ethics. It has values and true morality, which does not leave never. Finally, it is particularly demanding. In his daily work, he never raises his foot. He was in a good or a bad period, he never raises his foot. It is always 100% on target.

If you were to keep only a memory of him…

In 2013, when I was at Ajaccio and him on the bench for Monaco, I hurt my Achilles tendon and so on the button. The chance made that the first match of the season was the face of the WSA. It was three or four years that I had not crossed. It has gone through all the ground to come greet me. It is not merely a small gesture. He gave me a hug, he discussed with me and took the news of me and my son. I thought I would be one among many other players that it had crossed. Yet, he remembered me. I was surprised and it made me really happy. It really has the class. When it is said to be a gentleman, they are not words in the air.

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