It already sells its Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is not on the market. In fact, we know almost nothing of it, if not its design or its price, or its features, or its options. A man, however, has already put on sale on the internet his / her copy of Model 3 for buyers who do not want to wait months before a delivery.

The more compact Tesla has already made some 400 000 impatient waiting gently as belle arrives at the dealership and is finally delivered. Problem : if you are interested now in Model 3, it will go after those hundreds of thousands of customers, which means that delivery times could be quite monstrous.

To not have to wait, there is a solution that frieze with the legality. An american client has booked at the beginning of the opening of pre-orders, last year, a Model 3. He still has not paid the full amount required (which is not even yet known !) and has no date for the delivery of its compact.

This did not prevent it from selling its Model 3 on the most famous auction sites. To work around the legal problem, the man has made the announcement by inserting the serial number of its Model S (it has not even the serial number of its Model 3). The contract Tesla also states clearly that it is forbidden to sell a “place” in the queue of the Model 3.

This American sells the car as soon as she is delivered rather than its place in the long waiting list of pre-orders.

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