Julie Gayet and François Hollande, it is certain all is well between them

Julie Gayet and François Hollande, it is certain all is well between them 15/06/2017 at 20:42 Three years after the beginning of their romance, things would be better between Julie Gayet and François Hollande, which form a solid couple.

This confidence, one close to the couple has made it in the pages of VOD, which celebrates once again the ex-presidential couple. Everything is for the best for them.

“The former president took up residence in the actress, in a loft located in a trendy area of paris,” reported VSD, on newsstands Thursday, June 15.

“What is certain, is that everything is going well between them, gliding this intimate. this is a solid couple that faces, hand in hand “.

Despite their unity, is little chance that François Hollande and Julie Gayet formalize their romance.
They continue, however, to support each other. The actress and producer was alongside his companion during the funeral of his brother Philippe, taken in late may a result of cancer.

Its presence has been confirmed by the photographer and reporter William Abenhaïm, quoted by Planet.

“For the time being they still remain very discreet. François Hollande is, admittedly, a bit more relaxed than during his presidential term, but neither he nor Julie Gayet seem ready to break with their old habits, ” says the specialist of the image.

“We know that the actress was at the side of the ex-head of State for the funeral of his brother in the south of France a few days ago, but no photo has been leaked. This was already the case during the funeral of the grand-father of Julie Gayet in April “, he then know.
François Hollande had made a speech to the Invalid but the court of honor had been closed to the public and no photos of the couple had been taken at this time “.

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