Kate Middleton reveals her strange nickname for a teenager

While she was visiting a school in the Bershire, Kate Middleton revealed to the students the nickname they gave him when she was little !

                                         A few days ago, you revealed that Kate Middleton refused to be called "Kate" by her family and friends. In fact, the Duchess of Cambridge prefers to her real name "Catherine" and all the royal family, including her husband Prince William, refers to her by her birth name and not his nickname. Recently, Kate Middleton has visited the school of St Andrew in the Bershire which she met with the students. The Duchess of Cambridge is very discreet about her private life but this time, she was keen to share its secrets with the children. Well before his fellow classmates call it "Kate", the mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte, he had a different nickname... rather strange.</p>                                            <p>When Kate Middleton was a child and teenager, his family called him... "Squeak", which means "squeak," and which is also the name of the guinea pig of the school of St Andrews. What a coincidence ! "There was one called Pip and one called Squeak, so my sister was called Pip and I was Squeak.", revealed the Duchess of Cambridge to the students. This is an anecdote rather amusing. The mother of Prince George and Princess Charlotte would probably like Princess William of Wales or Duchess of Cambridge, much more class than his former nickname ! One thing is for sure, the students of St Andrews have enjoyed the visit of the wife of Prince William and his revelation. Decidedly, we learn a little more about Kate Middleton, who could deprive the Prince George's birthday. And you, what do you think of the former nickname of Kate Middleton ? 

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