KJ Apa vs Cole Sprouse (Riverdale) : That is the funniest ?

While the filming of season 2 of Riverdale will soon begin, try to find out which of its two main actors is the funniest : KJ Apa, or Cole Sprouse ?

                                         We love them ! If you have followed the first season of Riverdale with us on melty, you are not without knowing that KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse are our two little darlings. In addition to being the two stars of the series, they are also two actors that Hollywood will soon rip out. Yes, after you have been accused of fat shaming, KJ Apa became closer to his fans to make up rumors and be able to go on good walk. And he was right because lovers of Riverdale have never been so addicted to him. On a recent visit with his great friend Nick Voroshine in Paris, the two men have not been lacking to splurge. And it should be recognized that together, we can stop them !</p>                                              <p>For his part, Cole Sprouse is doing quite well. Throughout the filming of season 1 of Riverdale, we have seen him do everything and anything on Twitter and Snapchat. Addicted to faces, the one that was discovered in The Life of palace of Zack and Cody never misses an opportunity to show in the foreground. A tactic that works because his fans want more of it regularly. But while Kendall Jenner posed recently for Cole Sprouse in order to forget his "scandal", it is noted that the interpreter of Jughead is a chouia less fun than his co-star. In fact, very professional, his / her account Instagram is worthy of the greatest photographers while KJ Apa uses a more connected : there post pictures of his travels, his friends, his fans and never hesitates to take the stage in positions that are delusional.</p>    <p>More accessible, the new zealand actor never misses a chance to amuse the gallery and show a spontaneity of the most charming. Even more, if KJ Apa is a little less cool that Tyler Posey from Teen Wolf, the first seems more cool than the second. Having developed an attitude of melancholy and with a certain melancholy, Cole Sprouse is slightly less dream and laugh that KJ Apa. In addition, he managed the feat to stay sexy regardless of her poses, her outfits, her facial expressions. While the filming of season 2 of Riverdale is expected to commence in the coming days, it's a safe bet that KJ Apa we brings to new gorgeous pictures. You are warned ! And you, what do you think of KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse ? 

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