Lexus launches the IS Sport Edition and an RX Golf Edition

Two small new features in the range of Lexus, put forward at the occasion of the open days (17-18 June) : the IS 300h receives a sporty finish mid-range and the big RX 450h a very limited series.

The family of Lexus is still available with a single hybrid, the 300h. But theIS expanding its supply-side finishes, with a new livery Sport Edition (which is already offered in the CT and NX). This variant can be recognized by its elements of color, black : rims 18 inch, contour grilles or mirror caps.

Lexus lance une IS Sport Edition et un RX Golf Edition

In the cabin, there is a upholstery new fabric/black imitation leather and garnet. This declination is charged 44 490 €, 5 000 € less than the F-Sport or Luxury and 2 300 € more than the Pack. By comparison, the Sport Edition gains the keyless access system, and ultrasonic rear parking assist. In short, there is no special economic advantage, it is mainly a question of look.

Golf bag in the NX

Lexus lance une IS Sport Edition et un RX Golf Edition

From its side, the large SUV RX is taking advantage of a very limited series, proposed to only 50 copies. It is called the Golf Edition and reflects the commitment of the brand in the sport, including the competition Lexus Golf which takes place on the most beautiful greens in French in partnership with dealers. The Golf Edition is based on the finish of Luxury to which has been added the pack technology (head-up display, high-color 6.2 inch, blind-spot monitoring and warning of traffic back). There is also a golf bag in the colours of the brand. The price is 74 200 € or 1 400 € more than the Luxury. But the total benefit is 1 000 €, between the bag and the additions to equipment.

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