Lexus : the end of the career of the CT approach

After a rumor persistent, Lexus has decided to confirm, just recently, the soon withdraw from the compact CT to the United States after a seven-year career. The brand benefits from all the same to give a final blow of the costs to the CT before his disappearance.

With just 8000 sales last year in all of Europe, you can’t really say that the Lexus CT is in the forefront of the compact sedan premium, far, very far, behind the BMW 1-Series, Audi A3 and Mercedes A-Class, even if the direct comparison is somewhat erroneous, since the CT is not sold in hybrid version.

Lexus : la fin de carrière de la CT approche

Anyway, the CT arrives out of breath and it must be said that the age counts for a lot since the CT is in its seventh year of career, which often means in the automotive world that the renewal is approaching.

In the United States, Lexus has taken the lead in confirming the deletion of the catalogue of the CT, but not before giving him one last light update with a few touch-ups on the front lights, the lower part of the shield, and with the integration of a new touch screen much larger edge.

We are waiting for our part to know if Lexus is going to announce the withdrawal of the TB in the european catalogue, which would seem rather logical in view of the sales on the Old Continent.

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