London : the “speakers ‘ corner” is always recipe

Social networks have not had the skin of the tradition. A century and a half that it lasts, and Speakers’ Corner continues to attract the tribunes, of a day, and audiences. The basic principle lies in the title : “speakers ‘ corner”. It is located at one end of Hyde Park, one of the many green spaces that oxygenate London, and everyone can come and explain his theories or proclaim its indignation in freedom. The legend provides the same as Karl Marx (buried not far from here) went to his talks, and that Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, alias Lenin, has honed his art tribunitien.

In these times of the aftermath of the elections uncertain and Brexit-provoking, a crowd under the foliage, in this laboratory of participatory democracy to the English. A half-dozen rhetoricians are competing for the favour of onlookers who go from one to the other depending on the interest in the subject and the verve of the speaker.

The policy does not recipe

Because it is necessary to fulfill two conditions to capture the attention of customers. In the first place, see. The speaker must, therefore, have a chair or, better, a step ladder, to dominate the meeting. This being acquired, he must be heard, which is not given to everyone. A voice that does not bear a stamp that assaults the eardrum, a case badly put together and the audience deserted. Or worse, appropriates the subject and begins to discuss them, ignoring deliberately the one who had launched it.

On this day, we find, among others, an imam declared himself that touts the supposed superiority of islam over other monotheistic religions, a lady of a certain age dressed in a cruel nurse to denounce the living conditions in psychiatric hospitals, an evangelist, a stetson on his head, and bible at hand, as well as a young man outraged by the rates charged for entering the university.

In the end, it is the only one to approach a theme in the report, even indirectly, with the news. “People are saturated with politics, he says. In four years, we’ve had two referendums and two general elections ; they want to move on to something else.”

And on a playful mode, if possible. Because with the exception of the proselytes imbued with their mission, there was a lot of theatricality in this vast coolness. Some real controversy and a lot of false indignation, anonymous in quest of their quarter of an hour warholien, oratory conducted to the beauty of the gesture. Humor tongue-in-cheek and bad faith to all floors ; Boris Johnson would be a hit here.

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