Love is in the pre – Emeline, unmarried, takes advantage of the ” handsome guys “

Love is in the pre – Emeline, unmarried, takes advantage of the “nice guys” 15/06/2017 at 16:30 Candidate of season 9 of The Love is in the meadow, the issue of dating of M6, Emeline is no longer a couple but she takes full advantage of his celibacy.

The young woman multiplies, in effect, conquests.

This week, Emeline gave her news in an interview to ” Tele Pocket “, which dedicates a dossier to the launch of season 12 of the show, hosted by Karine Lemarchand.

The pretty blonde, 35 years old, breeder of rabbits in the Midi-Pyrenees, no longer shares the life of Aurelian, with whom she stayed as a couple for almost two years.

“Love is in the meadow I was totally emancipated. I am a working girl, I have beautiful boys, stories without next day, and that suits me perfectly, ” she says.

At the age of 35, the cunicultrice explains in the passage that it does not have the ambition of becoming a mother. Starting a family is the last of his worries. “I’m a real feminist, and so what if it offends a lot of people,” she said.

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