North korea : l'student Otto Warmbier released for reasons of “humanitarian”

The oldest american prisoner of North korea, has finally been released. The american student Otto Warmbier arrived Wednesday in the United States, in a coma, after a year and a half of detention in North Korea. According to the agency official north Korean KCNA, the young man was released for reasons of ” humanitarian “. Otto Warmbier was arrested in January 2016 while he was in this country in the context of a trip organised for the new year. The student from Cincinnati had been sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor by the supreme Court of north korea after admitting the theft of a poster emblazoned with a political slogan in a hotel in Pyongyang where he was housed.

“Otto Frederick Warmbier, who was forced to labour, has been sent back to his country on June 13, 2017, for humanitarian reasons, the judgment of the central Court of the DPRK (people’s Republic democratic of Korea, editor’s NOTE) “, the agency said. According to the Washington Post, Otto Warmbier has contracted a form of botulism, a serious neurological disease, shortly after his trial in march 2016 and was administered a sleeping pill, which would have left him in a coma.

Sentenced to a banner-torn

His release came after intense diplomatic efforts behind the scenes. Finally, the special representative of the State department for North Korea Joseph Yun traveled to Pyongyang to support the student, was declared on Wednesday to journalists in Seoul, the deputy u.s. secretary of State Thomas Shannon.

The New York Times had reported that us authorities had received information according to which Mr. Warmbier had been several times beaten in detention. Presented to the foreign press and diplomats a few weeks after his arrest, Otto Warmbier had declared, in tears, having made ” the worst mistake of (his) life “. American diplomacy had urged Pyongyang to pardon, deeming the sentence too hard.

The relations between the United States and North Korea are still strained since the entry into office of the president Donald Trump, due to the nuclear ambitions of north korea, but banned by theUN. Pyongyang has conducted dozens of missile launches and two nuclear tests since the early of 2016 with the goal of developing a missile capable of hitting the american territory.

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