Pierre Fillon : “a minority has a autophobie in France”

It is at the moment where the legend of automobile racing is in his vigil of arms, that the president of an Automobile Club de l’ouest organizer of this great event of motor sports goes on the offensive. Because you assume the 24: 00 hours of le Mans, and his passion for mechanical sports, it is, at this time, to show some courage. Pierre Fillon , and he speaks clearly of a damaging autophobie entry in the registry folk, but corrosive, what is called the French exception.

Pierre Fillon did not mince these words at the time when the 24: 00 hours of le Mans will be installed under the spotlight. An event popular throughout the world and to honor a car that is at the crossroads. We could getting excited about future prospects and rent the car that serves us both and makes live a lot. But we are in France. This changes a lot of things in the apprehension of the sector.

The president of the automobile club de l’ouest has been made clear in an interview in the daily Ouest France : “there’s a kind of “autophobie” in France, maintained by a minority “. A charge against a “bien-pensance” love in a political ecology punitive enough welcome. The same continues : “the government must oppose it because it does not have to be. The automotive sector is living a lot of French. The French manufacturers are struggling to sell in the world. It is the pollution that it is necessary to condemn, not the automobile because we will always need cars. There is a need to focus the discourse on the technologies, the emission reduction of CO2 “.

A good sense that does not apply only to the air we breathe. It is also equally suited to a suppression bus that fills the coffers of the state while not reducing the number of deaths on the roads : “in terms of road safety, it is necessary to go out at all repressive. Entrust speed controls to private companies is not going in the right direction. I’m waiting for a policy oriented more towards the education to the road and training. The ACO will make very concrete proposals in this direction in the autumn “.

Phew. Therefore, there would not even inevitability to see our car ostracized, stripped, while the lovers of the car is not condemned to be regarded as an endangered species, if it is not, even, to tear down. That said, the same Pierre Fillon is aware of a cultural revolution in the understanding even of what a vehicle : “our generation found its freedom in the possession of a car. Today, we are in a generation of car-sharing, car-collaborative “.

But rather than break the bridges between the generations, Pierre Fillon prefer to build bridges : “the ACO has a role to play in the education of young people in the car. For 60 years, we organize the ” race of the young driver “, which raises awareness of the road at the age of 7 years. We will raise this formula in reducing its costs through partnerships, in order to make it accessible to all schools and communities who want it “.

It is safe, it is more complicated to implement than a radar where to paste a thumbnail. But it is also more respectful, and not only of the environment…

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