Russian affairs : Donald Trump denounces a “witch hunt”

On Thursday, Donald Trump has described as “bogus” the Russian affairs that plague the beginning of his mandate, in response to new revelations that the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller wants to know if he wanted to obstruct justice. “They have made a collusion canister with Russian history, they have found no evidence, and so now they are engaging in the obstruction of justice on this story bogus. Nice “, has posted on Twitter Thursday morning, Donald Trump. In a second tweet, he has denounced ” the largest witch-hunt of the political history of the United States “.

The stakes are considerable for the american president. If evidence of obstruction of justice were met, it could, in theory, open the way to an impeachment process. The special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, former head of the FBI, asked currently, senior intelligence officials to determine if the american president has attempted to curtail or block the investigation on the interference of Russian in the electoral process, american, according to the Washington Post and the New York Times. This investigation also extends to a possible collusion between relatives of Donald Trump and the Russian federation during the victorious campaign of the billionaire. Last week, the former head of the FBI James Comey, dismissed by Donald Trump in early may, had reported pressure from the us president in the survey on Russia.

“Major turning point “

The broadening of the scope of the investigation to a possible obstruction of justice by Donald Trump represents “a major turning point,” says the Washington Post, which also stated that the investigators are looking for potential financial crimes among the employees of the billionaire republican. The prosecutor Mueller would have requested interviews with five egg-laying of the information, of which three were accepted to be heard. This is Daniel Coats, director of the intelligence, which oversees all agencies, Mike Rogers, the director of the agency of interception of communications NSA, as well as his former deputy, Richard Ledgett. These interviews could take place as early as this week, according to the Washington Post. According to the journal, Robert Mueller is particularly interested in an exchange between Daniel Coats and his colleagues on 22 march. The intelligence director would have given that Donald Trump had asked him to intervene with James Comey, the then head of the FBI, so that he abandoned the investigation on the ex-national security adviser of the White House Michael Flynn, considered close to Moscow, and at the heart of suspicions of collusion with the Russians.

“Leak “scandalous

A few days later, Donald Trump had asked Daniel Coats and Mike Rogers publicly declaring that there was no evidence of collusion between members of his campaign team and Russia, the two men had refused to do, according to the newspaper. “The leakage of information from the FBI concerning the president is a shocking, inexcusable and illegal “, has responded to Wednesday, the lawyer for Donald Trump, Marc Kasowitz, without ruling on the merits. According to media reports, the investigation of the president for obstruction of justice has started a few days after that James Comey was sacked on 9 may. Robert Mueller had been appointed special prosecutor to ensure the independence of the investigation the following week, may 17. According to the Code of the United States (US Code), which brings together all the laws of the united states, ” anyone who tries, so corrupting (…) to influence, obstruct, or prevent the proper administration of justice, must be punished “. The offence is punishable by a sentence of imprisonment not exceeding five years. The experts deem it unlikely that the department of Justice to take the initiative to indict a sitting president, even if the investigation by Robert Mueller finds to be a obstacle to the justice of the hand of Donald Trump. But such an eventuality would put the pressure on Congress, republican majority, for it to trigger a policy process of impeachment (” impeachment “) against the president. The procedures of impeachment brought against presidents Bill Clinton in 1998 and Richard Nixon in 1974, based both on charges of obstructing justice.

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